Musalleti’s BLT

“Musalleti’s” is a little pizza joint inside of a Convenience store FAST STOP.. down at  St. John and whats it.. Wilson Road or Chateau.  Down by the Bigger Jigger and the old Monkey Wards.   It is now the Super Flea.

They serve a nice BLT for $2.19 I think it is very nice.  They use good quality bread, generous on the bacon, with mayonnaise.   I think it’s Italian bread.  They use shredded lettuce, and the tomato is good.

They have these big steak fries that I really like, and they go well with the BLT.

Their Cheeseburger combo is good on Tuesdays for $4, a very large cheeseburger, steak fries, and drink.  Hmm.. others were saying their Philly Cheesesteak and tacos were good.  I never tried them.

My brother says their breakfast is a nice little breakfast too.


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