George Foreman Grill Panini

It’s amazing how study can enlighten us, on even the most simple tasks.

I tried making grlled cheese on the George Foreman grill, then gave up.  It squished it into a cheesy mess.   The bread came apart, and there was this goo all over the grill.

I became interested in Panini for a cheap meal.  Well,  I found out that if you put the condiments on the INSIDE…and don’t use the butter it will work.  By George, it did.

DON’t put oil or butter on the sandwich.  Makes it soggy.  The grill don’t need it.. it comes out nice and crisp without butter or oil.

Put cheese, condiments, veggies on the INSIDE.  The meats should be on the outside.. the order is; 

bread, meat,     condiments, cheese, veggies, condiments      meat, bread.

Don’t put mustard or mayo or whatever on the BREAD, but on the INSIDE of the meat.  Keeps moisture from leaking out onto the grill.

Just made one, it turned out perfectly, and it cooks in a very short time.. I’d say 2 minutes.  Keep cheeking by opening and peeking at the sandwich until it is toasted to your liking.


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