WAFFLE IRON Hash Browns from Tater Tots

WAFFLE IRON TATER TOT HASH BROWNS    Boy I just had to post this one.  You can buy Waffle Irons ALL the time at the Thrift Stores.  They almost always have one.. and cheap.

On that website it says “3 minutes” and they don’t lie!  I just tried it.  Did you know Frozen Tater Tots are one of the cheapest frozen spuds?  Cheaper than loose frozen hash browns.

Defrosted them 6 minutes in the Microwave while I heated up a Waffle Iron I bought for $5 at the Thrifty store.

Sprayed it with Canola oil.  The tots were hot and steaming when I put them on the Waffle Iron.  About 10-14 Tots makes a nice portion.  I didn’t experiment with  cheese or tomato, I wanted to see how well it would work.

Put them in the Waffle Iron and squished them down.. let them cook a little..then locked the Waffle Iron shut with that latch that is on it.

Cooked three minutes..and WA LAH!  They are INDEED.. some of the best hash browns I ever ate!  Better than Waffle House.  The fat tater tot stays nice and soft inside, and a wonderful crispness to the outside.

I didn’t believe they could cook so fast, and was skeptical, but indeed they were done and boy they were good.  They were like hash browns, not McDonalds Hashbrown patties.

With the Canola spray, they came out of the Waffle Maker easily.  You can smell them, smell when they are getting done, but it only took 3-3.5 min.

I am astonished.

NOTE: This don’t work on the George Foreman.. not very well.  Not near as well as a Waffle Iron.


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