Local Crooks Breakin In

Across the street local crooks are breakin in to apartments.  So there you have it. On one hand, you don’t want a police state  On the other hand,  you don’t want people going hog wild.

Across the street there is another outbreak. Probably some doing drugs, it always causes problems.. the money they need for the drugs.  They usually have big problems besides drugs, so why do they tempt the devil?

It is the Devil, that is what I think.  He is always there.  Satan, whatever you want to call It.

Independence Avenue is really cleaned up.  The cops put the quietus on the local gang banger, misfits.  How I wish local thugs  would have tried something else in life.

They’ve been disbursed or they are in jail.  I’ve known many of them, but they have that anti social philosophy.  They won’t calm down. They are ALWAYs puttin the hustle to each other, always fighting.

I love the philosophers, and most modern philosophers, such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra sort of distill the philosophy that was before them.

You just allow- what is.  Ya can’t stop the rain, can’t stop the snow.

I’m listening to my 11 Hours Rain and Thunder MP3 on YouTube.  These are really great.  Soothing to the nerves.  Note that guy’s YouTube Channel.


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