WHOP the Poor..starring Sly James

Kansas City has started a blitzkrieg on taxes, and sending out threatening letters.  Eh.. they need it to support their debtor prison. It is just like FERGUSON, MO.

That poor young man shouldn’t have confronted the cop.  Police are the most dangerous people in the ‘hood,  more dangerous than the crooks.  It’s not a tossup, they are hands down more dangerous.  It’s hard to say who is more dangerous, come to think about it.  A woman who wants her way, is very dangerous.

BUT.. the city is putting the screws to it’s poorest citizens, and has since my memory.  I keep dreaming..dreaming of a happy place in this world.

The city government would take the candy out of a baby’s mouth.  They will..”kick and beat you, and tell you it’s fair.”

WHY would I give this country military service?  WHY? For WHAT?

Third world countries?  Some of the worst wretches in the world are right here, right in this neighborhood.

Rumor has it that Old Flo went blind.  Flo could be seen walking up and down the avenue, up and down.  She woke up (wherever the poor woman sleeps).. and couldn’t see.  They told me that people are helping her out on the street..helping her get around.  She’s been a prostitute and a beggar for as long as I know.  Sleeps on the street, or anywhere she can.


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