San Antonio is my #1 Mexican Food place

Today is $1 Taco day.  I got three Deshebrada (shredded beef) and it is the real deal.  I eat there almost every day it is so borato, so economico!  They serve up the real deal.  I tried their beans yesterday for 79  cents, very good!  If you like refried beans, they are very good.

Man, viva los Mexicanos!  Everyone says.. “they are taking over the place.”   Well, so what? They are a hardworking, efficient people.  I never met one of the “bad” ones.  Eh, that’s ‘cos I don’t fuck with them!

This place is located at Gladstone Blvd, and Independence Avenue.  It’s a Taqueria inside a little grocery store.

I am just blown away by the quality of the food, at a economical price. You can get a filling meal for $3 and change.  These tacos were $3.28.


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