My Motion Comic Blog

I started another blog, a website to show my Motion Comic prototypes. 

Here it is..

This site goes down a lot..but just wait a comes back up.  It is free, though. I am struggling with the software.  To get something decent, to run on the Android,  so I can offer it on GooglePlay and IOS.   You can find hosting for free.   WIX and WEEBLY will not host the comics.  Neither will the free blogs.  The free sites,  they are OK.  Anyways.. this is just a showcase.   Once I get these perfected, I will make them for the Android.. which is a hair pulling task.

My ideas are set in the 1930s-1940s, a period of turmoil.  First, the Black Friday stock market collapse, and wipeout of the banking system for the working people.  It was the Gold Standard that led to the fall.  China was on the silver standard, and escaped the depression pretty much.  There was no unemployment.  No FDIC.  People’s savings were wiped out in a single day.

THEN.. the dust bowl of 1936.   My grandparents talked about almost nothing BUT this catastrophe.   My grandfather hunted rabbits,  foxes, and even had a pack of beagles.  These dogs were NOT pets. They were mean,  hunting dogs.  It is vague in my memory.  He did it for the money, for the food.   He taught us never, NEVER take a creature’s life, unless we needed the food.

An interesting period in history for a novel,  because there were no DNA video.   There were many interesting things that happened in the world,  that no one is aware of,  so you could make a interesting story, if you are clever enough.  Thank you JP for the help.. jeez I am flabbergasted, actually.


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