San Antonio Market

San Antonio Market is really coming up in my estimation.  It is a little corner store at Independence Avenue and Gladstone Blvd.  At first, I did not like them.  Lately,  I go over there all the time.  They have a little Taqueria in there,  a little restaurant.  On Tuesday,  Tacos are $1.  The regular price is $1.50, or 4 for $5.

I like the Al Pastor tacos they make.  They have a big Pork roast on a vertical grill,  with whole Pineapple on the top that melts it’s juice onto the pork.  Al Pastor- pork tacos.  I can’t get enough of them.  I think Mexican food is the best in all the world.

Their prices aren’t bad.  Cheap toilet paper $1.25 for 4 rolls.  Coke $2 for a 2 liter, but you do not have to waste gas to go down the street.

UPdate:  They serve Chile Relleno over there for $2.50 and boy are they ever good.  It is so cheap that I eat there often.   Chile Relleno are very large, mild peppers such as Anaheim peppers, stuffed with cheese, then coated with batter.  They are elongated, football shaped, and about 6″ long or larger.  YUMMY!


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