Crime Novel

CRIME NOVEL is a song that I made.  I decided to make a Motion Comic page to go with it.  Dunno if, when, or how I am gonna use it.  The song that I made reminded me of a suspense type novel, so I decided to make this page to go with it.  It is best viewed full screen so you can read the text.

I design these for Android  It takes me quite a bit to do each one, and I have yet to publish a Graphic Novel on Google Play. It is great fun making them, I really enjoy it, and I am at it night and day.

I am always making these, I put YouTube videos of them.  But the “real” ones are clickable,  they are click through, and other things can happen.  But the Video versions tell the same story.  They are there on my YouTube channel.

Here’s another one, I just made.  Nick Ballinger-Monster Hunter. I‘ve been updating this for the past 2 days.

It keeps me safe and inside, as I hear all the yelling outside, like usual in Northeast.


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