Predation of the Poor in Missouri

The poor always pay the freight.  The USA is designed that way!

This is spot on.  I got a parking ticket for $72.  Couldn’t afford to get the tags right away, let them expire, and brother they just started HAMMERING ME.  They just hammer, hammer, HAMMER the poor!  The VA hammers the poor.  THEY HAMMER THE FUCK OUT OF THE POOR in the USA.

The way the city operates, the way it is set up, it legitimizes local crime enthusiasts.  “The government sucks, so let’s all be anarchists.”  Something like that.

It’s the same in Kansas City.  The USA is a great place- if you got money.  Well, it’s sort of O.K.  I drove all over it in that Semi Truck.  Eh..same old..same old.  The West coast is the best by far.


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