The Usual Bums, Hustlers, and Thugs

Villains at the C Store. I go to get some milk at the 7-11 at Benton and Independence Avenue. I start to throw my cig away, and a hustler hanging out front grabs it..”don’t throw that away!” .. takes it from me and puffs contentedly. I come out and he is waiting, putting the classic hustle on me trying to sell me some trinket. It’s all over Northeast. Half the people are felons, the other half, bums. The National colors should be shades of grey., I know..the Republicans with their pearly white teeth are the “good guys.” YEAH RIGHT.

They’re just Apex predators, is all.  That is what the republicans are.

“The money, that’s all anyone wants.”- Mark W. Kuefel, deceased.


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