The Poor

It is hard to figure out WHAT America is.  Around here, people are are struggling for every bit,  every penny.  It seems like people would band together more, but they often rip each other off.  Many people have warrants around here, but they are mostly bullshit warrants.  The whole thing.. America.. is mechanical and alienating.

Life is a penny, penny thing, at least for me.  The thing I use the internet most for is to cook, learning to cook.   This weekend, I want to try my hand at home made pizza.

WHAT did our fathers fight World War 2 for?  World War 1?  Vietnam, and Korea?  

The health care.. the doctors.. it’s like.. “sent him to the tire shop.”….”send him to the machine shop.”   The competency at the VA varies widely,  and many services, such as Ultrasound, you have to wait for WEEKS.

There are many people from foreign countries in the Northeast area.  One guy I just gave a ride to was from Laos, and could speak nary a word of English.   I survive, and learn to cook.. make my own stuff.

The daunting part for me is keeping a clean kitchen.  These apartments are infested with roaches who seem immune to nearly every treatment.  Boric Acid don’t work.  DE don’t work.  Sprays don’t work.  When I get some money, I will get some of the Gels, such as Maxforce Pro.

The people- MOST of them will rip you off.  I am sorry to say.  I take poor KC to the bank and hospital.  She is LUCKY to have decent family.

Most American families aren’t worth a crap.  I’ve seen street girls, prostitutes, whose own FATHERS turned them out, such as Breeze.  They cycle in and out of the prison system.  Mostly, they will get caught up in petty beefs.  Their lives are ones of expediency, and desperation.  BUT.. if you feel sorry for them- they’ll rip you off.  They’ll steal casually, without thinking of the stress they put on you.  So they are useless as friends.

So what did I serve in the military for?  What would I fight for, and risk getting shot for?  Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss.


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