Battle of the Crabs

Like a battlefield. I drive around the corner and a ho’ is hanging out at the Mexican store, prostituting on the corner. Then, a big old black chick with a Mohawk comes out and the ho’ starts running. They are the enforcer bitches. I’ve seen these prostitutes get beat half to death. I go into the store and another one is in there, trying to boost some fruit or something, but the Mexicanos run her out. I get a constant stream of mendicants to my apartment. At night, you can hear the screaming fights in the building. As long as it is just yelling, it is all right. Meanwhile, the cops on everyone’s ass for parking tickets, seat belt tickets and the like. The cops often seem the biggest thieves at all. They can make your life miserable,and it’s miserable already!  The cops are really more like this.. occupying force around here. However, they are needed to sort out the more…aggressive ones.   There are many “O.G.” (Old Gangster) idiots in this ‘hood.  They seem to be disappearing- but then something else will happen.  I do not know what to say, nor whose side to take. I keep my head low, and enjoy my computers.  “Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful.”- Confucious. 


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