This Video is like a Anthem of Northeast

I hardly noticed this guy,  Everlast.  This song reminds me of Northeast- a lot.  It reminds me of the attitudes of people.

I get by”- Everlast.

I like it a lot,  clever, artsy and succinct.  “Gotta keep the rent paid, and the power on.”- Everlast.  This is the one of his, that I like the best.  His music is sort of rap influenced, more like poetry,  and it’s about the realities of poor whites.  It’s pretty good.  Maybe it isn’t just whites so much, just the urban poor,  life around here.  A place of no money, crime, and depression.

The video should show the Vets at the V.A. hospital.  At the diabetic meeting, one guy was talking about his liver transplant.  He has two brothers.  ALL THREE of them had liver transplants.  There are all sorts of problems.

It is hard for people, no one has got it easy.  But around here, you see how ice cold it can get in life for people.  So myself, I enjoy the pleasures that I can, and actually there are many.  Life is both sweet, and bitter, at the same time.


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