What’s GOOD about Northeast?

Despite the rants, and I am gonna start pruning my posts,  Northeast has a few things going for it.

Variety of Restaurants: There are good Mexican restaurants around here.  There are Mexican grocers, and now a new Asian grocer.  I just discovered a little Vietnamese grocer down at Truman and Benton.  It’s in such a out of the way place, you hardly know it is there!  It’s on the west side, in a little enclave that looks like a Auto parts center or warehouse.  There is a little restaurant in there,  a tiny one.  Good prices on Asian sauces, condiments, and foodstuffs.  The little restaurant serves Pho.

There is variety here, and with a little more MONEY.. it could be upbeat.  It seems to be ALWAYS.. THAT MONEY! 


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