Guardin my Pot o CHikin for Xmas

Like Crabs in a barrel.   Everyone is pretty bummed out.  One kid is gonna get himself into trouble, he keeps getting in the building to sleep in the basement or something.  He keeps fuckin’ with the other tenants.   The dude keeps climbing up on the balconies ‘cos he can’t get in, he is making people (like me), nervous. He claims one of those lovely flowers over there is his GF.  Local girls here are thieving and evil tempered.

Chris down at the Mexican joint says..”these women will use you and abuse you.”  The chief disease is their fuckin’ drugs.   Almost all the local women are extremely boring.  Their goal is to get some money out of you for drugs, or to rip you off for stuff to sell or pawn to buy drugs.  It is no fun having to sleep with one eye open.

It would be funny, but sometimes something really bad will happen.

KC takes 5o used books down to the bookstore, but she doesn’t get hardly nothin’ for them, so she is all bummed out.  She is depressed and evil as a snake.  I try to cheer her up and she snaps at me like a Alligator Snapper.

I am sort of o.k.  Scraping the bottom of the barrel and it ain’t even Christmas.  I am making CHiken noodle out of a big 4lb pack of Chicken breast.  I will add boiled potato and the noodles at 1 hour, then a can of cut up biscuits at 30 minutes to make dumplings.  Like a Chicken stew actually.

I put in 2 cans broth, 2 cans cream o’ chikin and am still cooking the breasts until the meat falls off the bone, and then I will remove the bones, shred the meat, and do the above steps.

It’s all right though.  I’m safe and warm, got food to get me through the month.  I have stuff to study, such as the Intel XDK for HTML5.  I study this all all the time, along with RenPy and Motion Artist.   What kind of Apps do I want to make?  Visual Novels.  So there is plenty to study.

Plenty o’ PBS and Nova to watch,  I am watching Secrets of the Dead: The Black Plague,  now.  Pretty scary stuff, too.  A Plague outbreak is still possible, and it is very virulent, kills quickly, and surely.  If it gets in the lungs there is almost no chance of survival.   That stuff’s still around, too.

Update: My Chicken Noodle turned out GOOD.  I forgot the dumplings.  This recipe makes a large pot of it, about 12 Main course size servings.  I put the majority in the freezer.  It is quite tasty.


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