Thugs of Northeast

More Price Chopper THUG action.   Northeast is full of dangerous morons. It is a scary place to live.  They had the black crack thugs, but even worse are the skinhead meth heads.

“It’s the little skinny white dudes who are the meanest ones.” – KC

I love the old song..”White Punks on Dope” by the Tubes.

When probation and parole let’s them out,  Northeast is where they come.  They have learned nothing in prison, other than resentment.  Prison is a place where people grow harder still.  Around here, they almost always go back to prison.  They get out and they do the same thing.  They just got “snitched on” or caught the last time, that’s all.

“Experience holds a very dear school, but fools will learn in no other”-  Benjamin Franklin

The thing is, this place could be nice to live in, it has potential.

But I guess, it is a natural world.  Even the smallest Paramecium is going to do as it damn well pleases, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Pray, that is what you can do.


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