Southeast Mills CHeese Sauce Mix

I tried some of this stuff.. Southeast Mills Cheese Sauce Mix.   It is called “Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix” to be exact.  Found in the $1 aisle of Price Chopper.  Sav A Lot carries Southeast Mills, but they don’t have the cheese sauce mix.

Mixed it up.. the directions slightly complicated..only slightly.  You make it into a roux with cold water, then pour it into hot water and let it thicken, it is very fast to make.  The more you keep it on the stove mixed with the hot water, the thicker it gets.  It got thick fast, and I could have kept going.

Tried it out on some steamed broccoli. Voila!  It’s very good and only costs $1.

It has a nice cheesy taste.  It tastes like “real” cheese, which it probably is.  Maybe it is powdered cheese.    I made 1lb of broccoli, and it gave me plenty of sauce.  In fact I ate the whole thing by myself, almost.


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