The Jersey Boys

The Jersey Boys are a Four Seasons replica band,  like Human Nature, who covers MoTown songs.   I found them while looking up Bubblegum sounds on YouTube.  Fuckin GREAT.  Makes me happy to listen to them.. love it!

The Jersey Boys are mostly from the UK, including Ryan Molloy who does a great job with Frankie Valli’s singing part, the lead.  Here is the Jersey Boys Wikipedia page.

Human Nature does Motown covers.  They do Do Wop, the 50’s sounds, but the Motown covers are the ones i love.

Both of these bands are very polished, more polished than the original bands, and they sound great!  So much fun to watch and listen to.

They are almost better than the originals,  very good.  The Jersey Boys have a show on broadway, and a full length movie, a biography of the Four Seasons.

Man what’s next?  A Mersey Beat band? Like Herman’s Hermits?  A bubblegum era band?  These are genres of music that a light, innocent, and hopeful.   FUN to listen to!


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