This- Was

“This Was”- one of my favorite lines from the clever Ian Anderson, who founded the band Jethro Tull back in the 70’s.  I was reading about Mr. Anderson,  and how he stayed in a rooming house with a shared bathroom, even as he founded his band.

What a wonderful man.  As I read through history, and witness the cruel events of the news that are stuck in my face every day,  I think about this guy.  He was great, and he didn’t even know it.

The great artists of his day were Eric Clapton and other British bands who conquered the world.  He wasn’t very good with the guitar (back then),  so he took up the flute.  He didn’t seem to realize that flute players weren’t for rock music.  He didn’t even seem to notice how poor he was.

Actually- I love the way he plays the acoustic guitar, his style.  I like listening to him play more than so many people who are supposed to be the gods of the guitar.  I kept thinking all day today of his guitar part from “Thick as a Brick.”

I saw him play up in Madison Wisconsin, and he was great.  Those were the good days,  the days of hope.

I often read the bios of musicians.  Most of them were just mucking about.  They had a idea of what they wanted, but just blundered along, trying one thing, then trying another.  They just did it.  It just happened.  Along the way, they experienced all sorts of things.  Success beyond their wildest dreams, and disastrous failures.  Even murders, like John Lennon’s murder.  Many, like John Entwhistle, died fairly broke.   Early illnesses.  Mental health problems.


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