Thank God for the Churches

I went and had what a nice Thanksgiving dinner down there.  There is a big difference in the congregations,  the people that frequent the churches.  I don’t like the one across the street because there are always fights.  Well, not “always” but every once in a while.  People will often be injured badly in the fights.

Many of the churches serve food that is just dumped in there, with little care.  In other words they just toss everything into some sort of casserole.  Think refried beans with spaghetti noodles, with corn, or whatever they want to put in there.

But this thanksgiving, that was a great Thanksgiving dinner, and you can feel the love in the food.   One guy and his wife want to serenade everyone, well why not?  It wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t too good.  I like to chat with others and they talk about whatever they want to talk about,  they keep it polite.

The woes of society are not so much the government, but the people.  Thoughtless of one another.  A lot of times- cruel and creepy.


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