My Latest Motion Comics

It is FUN making these, and I am working with other software to make Visual Novels, Graphic Novels, and games.   This is the Asylum series, taken from a composite of mental hospitals from 1900-1970.  A strange history indeed.  It is just a story I made up, but likely, these events or similar actually happened.   If you decide to read up on it, history is stranger than the story I made up!  But, I got the software,  bought this computer and built it up,  and by golly,  I am gonna get my moneysworth!

They are rated X parental discretion advised.  Language, violence, sex.

WHOOP… I had my “Asylum” series on here, but  I let that server expire.  Too expensive to keep a server up just to show off my Motion Comics.  I am gonna post them somewhere else,  I might make them into “Video” Motion Comics.  These are not clickable, like the HTML5 or FLASH comics are.

The “not so good old days” in the USA.  The USA’s dark, dark history that no one wants to admit to.  When I go to my V.A. doctors, the nurses tell me of stuff that is even stranger than this, then I go look it up on the internet, in disbelief and shock.


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