The Poor eat like Gourmets, and drive Cadillacs- yeah right

The church giving out food packets. People always think that they just give out huge amounts of free, gourmet food. Then, these cadillacs come and pick it up.

Eh.. how about a couple cans of tuna fish and some canned vegetables and old bread? How about they are walking down there, and some like KC have a lot of trouble walking?

Many people have trouble walking, but they got to walk anyways, to get their can o’ tuna.

A few people bullshit the churches,  say they have a large family.  Actually, this is quite common but I don’t.  Dunno why.  I guess it is because if they are kind enough to give me some stuff,  well I am not going to repay them with lies.

Many people DO have families, and they have their little kids with them.  Yep.

“Better to be fooled 30 times, than let one man go hungry”- Charlie Chan.

It used to be, you could get as much bread as you wanted.  Much of it was going old, but hey, it was free, but not anymore.

The point is.. people always say (and I used to think),  you can get everything free.  Maybe you used to, but boy not around here.  Meat is going through the roof.   In the inner city, things are down to the BONE.

WHOOP.  The thanksgiving meals were GOOD.  I got frozen chicken, rolls, vegetables, man.. my cup runneth over!  KC is too sick to get hers, they wouldn’t trust me to pick up hers.

KC still too sick, I will find her something.  She’s too ill to eat, doesn’t want food.


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