Where are the REAL Doctors?

Where are- the REAL doctors?  The ones that give a shit if you live, or if you die?  It is scary going to the hospital.  What do I think about doctors?  They’re into money,  just like everyone else.

Elvis Presley’s Doctor got paid off good, like everyone else who was around the King.   But he did Elvis in by indulging him.  Over 8,900 pills, vials, and injectables in a 7 month period.  Dilaudid, Quaalude,  Percocet, etc.  Poor Elvis would get injected before concerts, and had doctors in Las Vegas fly him in even more drugs.  The scrips alone work out to over 40 pills a day.

At the hospitals it is like you are being sent to the tire shop,  no, send him to the machine shop, and heh,  make sure you get his insurance information.

In backward states like Missouri they don’t got to worry if they fuck you up, it’s almost impossible to sue.

It’s all the money,  that’s all anyone wants.


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