Let’s keep WHIPPIN’ The Poor in Kansas Shitty, Misery

The parking ticket lady out there.  A couple people got expired tags around here. Because it cost so much money to license their cars in Kansas SHitty.

What they do then is write a ticket for “having no license plates.” (rather than the cheaper “expired tags” ticket.)

No one around here is political..they just shrug their heads and say..”it doesn’t even matter who you vote for, it’s all the same.”

The name of the game is… “let’s keep whoppin’ the poor!”

Maybe others have the right idea.  Democrat?  Republican?  All anyone wants is the fuckin’ money.

If the money were going to a decent cause, like food and shelter for the poor, which is direly needed around here,  I wouldn’t be so upset.  But it’s probably for that strange game they have on Sundays, where a bunch of incredibly rich young men throw a piece of leather to each other, and a bunch of old men get incredibly rich off of that.


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