Viva Los Mexicanos

I go to Pablo’s over on St. John.  I feel guilty because I have been going over to Flor De Chiapas.  I really like Pablo.  His wife and son are there with him.  These are just wonderful people, at least in my book!

I had one of his Tortas.  I have only had the Tortas a couple times.  Torta= Mexican sandwich.  Served on a bolilo roll.. a big roll, they are BIG.. not as big as a football, but getting close.  Bigger than a sub.

I tried the Milanesa Torta for the first time.  Man- the bomb.  The bread very good..VERY good.  They toast them on the grill, slap beans and cheese on them.  Pablo must search out his vegetables well,  ‘cos his tomatoes are just great.  With crema agria,  avocado, it is the best Torta I’ve had.  He’s a one man operation.

Milanesa, is like Italian steak, but it is not spicey.  It is cooked on grill, not deep fried so it is not greasy.   He gets $6 for them, they are well worth it.  You can always negotiate with him, but I never do.  Fair price, good bargain.   Everything very fresh, he don’t skimp like some places do.

People like Pablo and his little family are always in my prayers, ALWAYS.

There is a diligence and earnestness about them, it is very beautiful.


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