Mendicants in Trouble

One poor unfortunate in stir, for trespassing at the Union Pacific.  The poor wretches got a camp somewhere down there, in this freezing cold.

They’re the bums that don’t matter,  ain’t on the radar, and no matter what happens- they get the worst end of the stick.

This night I am warm and thanking God for it.  The republicans win the Mid Terms and I am afraid.  My father was always afraid of the republicans.  Shit he worked two jobs, everything, but he hated the republican party.

This is not the America that was promised to it’s citizens.  These people are almost always Americans that go way back, some back to Native Americans, and they get crapped on as surely as a beggar in India,  Nicaragua, or any third world country.

Everyone likes to pick on ’em.  The poor hate the poor, so when a poor person who has a crib, but little else,  sees the street ones, well their nose is in the air.  They get beaten,  injured badly, and no one notices or says shit.  They are gossipy, snoopy and snippy as Aunt Bee in Mayberry, RFD.

The street, and the people milling around on it, is often like a wolf pit.  People will get beat up in the bus stop for what they have, which is often very little.   Maybe a few dollars.

I hate CNN, and the news in general.  They act like they have just “discovered” that houses have roaches in them,  that there is crime, and that people suffer.  They act like someone committing suicide is this big news, that THEY CNN or KCMO, or whatever, they just “uncovered it.”

And that it is so SURPRISING, when the shit hits the fan.

I pray for people, but they do not even know it.   But you are leery of them.  They’re so out of it, could be so desperate, they might hurt you.  People can hurt you if they are desperate over their job, just about anything.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t feel sorry for people.  Many people, like this person, are hard core dopers.  They will do anything for that shit.  Estranged from their families,  with a lot of problems.  I have my own problems,  but it is frightening to see the things that happen to people around here.


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