Downloadable HOGS Free

I go to My Downloadable  KC loves these games and it keeps her out of trouble.  I am like the “Johnny Appleseed” of computers, at least for these people.  They are too poor to be in the loop of the Online world.

Boy these games are good.  They used to cost $50 when they first came out.  Now they are free, and are much improved.

The HOG is the “Hidden Object Game” but now they have mini puzzles, AND a interesting storyline.  Before I did not like them,  they were just “hunt and find”.   They got boring after a while.   These have the storyline, which much improves them.

Keeps KC occupied for hours.  I teach her how to use her laptop, the internet, etc,  she does my dishes and lots of other tasks.  Cooks for me,  helps me get around.


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