Veteran’s Day

Boy, when I was in,  back in 1975 it was.. “you piece of shit.”   NOW.. holy cow!  I got a free haircut.  Free breakfast down at the Denny’s.. and there are a bunch of places comping Veterans today.

What a turnaround!  Wish I’d done my 20 now! For years nobody gave a damn.  Morale was very low.  I was on the USS Chicago, CG-11.

I didn’t feel patriotic.  My mom needed a dishwasher, not me running around playing Navy.  Our family was, and still is, some of the poorest of the poor in the USA.

It sucked, too, at least back in my day.  I was on that cruiser for almost 4 years. It was a flagship, so it was really “chicken manure” spit and polish.  Wish I had taken it more seriously.  Nasty on there, and so boring.  “Haze grey” everyone called it.  Grey ocean, grey ship, grey sky.

We were in the prime of our lives, and wishing we could’ve been somewhere else.

It was a low status thing to do back then.

At any rate, got a free haircut from GreatCLips so I don’t look like a mangy bum,  My hair was LONG.. well between my shoulder blades.   Food out the wazoo.  Are there long lines?  Nope.  No one was there at the Great Clips Haircut place, nor the Minskys.


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