Medical Murderers and Monsters

I am writing a Visual Novel.. a Horror Novel.  So I read up on “Dr. Walter Freeman”.    He was a lobotomist, that gave thousands of lobotomies.   He wore neither glove nor mask during many of these procedures.   He lobotomized 19 minors including a 4 year old child.  He didn’t even have any formal surgical training.

Didn’t cure “mental illness.”  Translation of “mental illness”- people that didn’t fit in, or they were “gotten rid of.”  Masturbation, was considered a “mental illness”.  So was a sexually aggressive woman.  Mae West, for example, might have been put into a asylum.

Really nice, people are.   Do you think the American people are nice?  I don’t.

So often, a dirty, ragged bum is more worthy of respect than a fuckin’ yuppie in a “power” suit.  Just like the V.A. hospital.   Very little is shown about the lives of the poor.  Just a glimpse here and there.  This is a place for the THEIR career.. it is not about the patient.  If they could- they’d have us chained up in the basement.  At least some of the doctors there would.

You can read more in the link I put,  and it is unbelievable.  Rosemary Kennedy was given a lobotomy by Walter Freeman.  Many of his patients died.  Even the powerful Kennedys could not escape the demon.

Christian Church Hospital here in Kansas City is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.  They had a doctor there, named Patterson who believed in the more.. “aggressive” mental health “cures”.   Ice baths, wet sheets, lobotomies.

I keep thinking of the bureaucracy at the V.A, and of Research Medical Center, where my sister had surgery.

The world is full of bureaucracy,  scheduling, etc.  You have to watch, really watch.   You can do things too early,  you can do them too late.  You can jump to conclusions,  just like Rosemary Kennedy’s family did.

Man.. no on gives a fuck about YOU.  No one does.  Not the doctors, not the lawyers, not the cops, not ANYONE.  Jesus Christ could return to this earth, and he would get treated exactly the same.  Maybe “Dr.” Freeman would give him a lobotomy.

The world is always trying to pound, the round peg named YOU.. into a square hole.  What if Jesus did return to earth?  The militarized police force might shoot him full of holes,  he’d get a lobotomy,  and he’d probably get robbed.  The IRS would be on his ass.   At least they wouldn’t crucify him, like they did last time.

Like a fish in a barrel is the average man.  It is a dangerous world of many self serving agendas.


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