To Keep Body and Soul Together

Poor KC has super high Triglicerides.  The count is super high.. 493.  Her leg  turned purple the other week.  This is Vacularitis or something like that.  She has a high stroke risk.    Shane comes around hustling.  I do not see how he is in as good of shape as he is,  well, except for his poor teeth, which are rotting to the gum.  He throws trash, and hustles,  doing odd jobs, doing anything he can.

The Trash men won’t pick up our  building’s trash,  because looters got into the trash, and ripped them all apart, and left the bags all ripped up.  Hauling trash is a hard, hard job.

The people on the end building are always fighting,  cops coming there.  “You should have seen the fight last night”- Craig.  One of them got smacked with a brick,  this is a favorite trick of the thugs around here.    It’s probably drugs, it is ALWAYS drugs.

I’m on the lookout for fruit, and check the prices at the Aldi.  The Farmer’s Market is NOT that cheap.  Aldi is usually cheaper.  The price of meat is very high, and it effects people.

I clean out this junk pit.   There is constant cleaning and rearranging,  stuff to be thrown out.  Bugs to be dealt with.  KC comes over and really helps me out.  It is kind of melancholy,  as people are so ill around here.  KC is very ill.

The Apartments I live in are like the Taj Mahal compared to other wretched apartment buildings.  I took Shane home,  he lives down in “Harlem” this is by the old KC Municipal Airport.  This is a converted old Holiday Inn, and it is like a no man’s land.  It is in a niche by itself,  I’ll bet the cops rarely go there.  A bunch o’ thugs live down there,  even as I took Shane home there was a screaming match going on.

Dave Hart buys me a Meatball sub at La Sala’s,  a famous Italian Deli on 5th or 6th street down in “Little Italy”.. very good.  That sucker was GOOD.. what a reward and the price is not bad at all.


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