At the Health Fair

I go to a health fair with KC.  KC’s triglicerides are incredibly high.. like 493.   Mine weren’t too bad.  We got a massage,  talked to the health care workers. KC had seen the flyer at the library.  In the inner city it pays to be alert for opportunity.

KC is having real problems.  Her leg turned purple.  It was PURPLE painted purple! This was vascularitis or something.. her veins.  She was in the hospital 4 days ago.  She also has Lupus, which Autoimmune.  They did tests at Truman, taking 28 vials of blood.

My sister recovering from huge hernia surgery, that had to do with her previous surgery for her pancreas.  She nearly died of pancreatitis.  What did she do to deserve this?  I would not wish these health problems on the worst person in the world.

The health problems are like this slow sort of .. strangulation.

We get a big sack of nice vegetables.  Health care workers are going to call me back.  My levels are high, but can be managed.  A pretty good deal, and I am glad KC dragged me down there.

In the Inner City,  be alert.  There is danger, but also opportunity.  I am not alert, but stewing in my kind of sadness, feelings of helplessness as I watch life melt before my eyes,  I love to write, do things on my computer.


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