Nothin’ but Liquor

I think Northeast is going to get wilder still.  I go down to the Notorious Fast Stop to get some milk.  This place has almost nothin’ but liquor in it’s cooler cases.  A lot of Mexican stuff, since Northeast is turning into Ciudad Juarez.  I like Mexican things, don’t get me wrong, but I am worried about the BAD things coming with them. They have their own ways of doing things,  Northeast is FULL of that.

?I’m “Old School” etc”.  Translation- a criminal. Maybe it is my imagination, but maybe, there will be the cartel war type activities.

The Fast Stops,  all of the convenience stores except 7-11, and a couple others,  are just packed with liquor.  These are more like liquor stores,  with just one small area of the cooler case for Milk.  They are selling it as fast as they can load it in there, too.  Fast Stop has 2 trucks a day bringing in almost nothin’ but Mexican beer.  It’s that old Devil Juice,  I call it.  That shit brings out the worst in people.  I keep thinking of East St. Louis, where they have all night liquor stores.

Friday night there are lines in the stores for that Stupid Juice.  

The drug trade causes fights, because people spend their money on an expensive habit, instead of food, shelter, and medicine.  It seems like mankind just loves darkness.

I go there to get nasty cigarettes at the Fast Stop- what a fool.  They are selling that stuff like it is going out of style.. Modelo,  Corona, some of the customers staggering they’re so drunk.  It’s mostly Mexicanos.  Love the Mexican food.  Don’t like that booze.

The inner city just has this air of gloom and darkness about it.  It is the devil, loose in the world.


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