To Survive the V.A. Medical Center

My sister’s surgery really opened my eyes about the V.A. Medical Center.   Even the shoddy pajamas they give you, it makes the place seem like a dog pound.  I went to a anti smoking meeting, and they got all bent out of shape because I was using a Android Tablet to take notes.  So I just walked out of there. Sheesh, many people’s cell phones are more capable and powerful than this tablet.  Strictly serfdom.

Self interest is the ONLY interest.  The place has a bad reputation, and it is getting worse.  It is very difficult to get a shuttle ride in the huge parking lot, and it used to be easy.  The Patient Advocate is no more.

Most of the vets I have seen are from poor to homeless, and many kind of get batted around in this world.  They have special problems.   Perhaps this is just the few I have met.  There is a certain camaraderie with them though.   At least I have this in common with them.  It’s a comfort.

I had a shoulder surgery, now it is really bothering me.  While my sister was ill,  I visited Truman Lakewood,  the little Hospital at Blue Springs, and Menorah.   All of these,  especially Menorah, seemed quite superior to the V.A.  The website at the V.A. is down now, so I am wondering if it is going to be improved, or if it is going down hill like the rest of the place.

At the V.A. they seem to have a controlling thing,  like you are a dog in a dog pound, and they pretty much don’t give a shit about the patients, but their career.   I finally got a decent blood draw where they did not just tear my arm up, for instance.

It is very machine like.. you are dealt with, and a lot of the people working there, especially the social services, well they are not that good, not that informed.

I carry an Android Tablet with me.  To take notes on, and also, you could carry complete medical records, even complete copies of important documents,  DD214,  Passport, etc.   This bimbo that is teaching the non smoking class gets all bent out of shape at my Android.

Many of the V.A. employees are LOUSY.  LOUSY at their jobs.   I like my Doctor and my Nurse, but the rest of them are very dodgy in quality.  Social Service workers who are ill informed as to how the social security system works.  Social workers who just hand you a printout of where food banks are.  They are very ill informed.

I HAVE got some very good care there.  Yep, they’ve done a good job on a few occasions.  In the USA you have to have your eyes wide open for the fine print- or else you are a dead duck.  I mean literally- dead. The wait time at the VA is far shorter than Truman.  It is very short there.    BUT..the VA is very jam packed.. very busy.  It is busier than even Truman East, maybe.

The USA is a scary damn place.  You never know what you are going to get.  Maybe, it is better than I think.  I hope it is.


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