That Hustlin’ Shane

Old Shane, he’s always out there.  He really knows how to hustle up a buck or two.  He goes around to businesses,  offering to take out the trash,  mow the lawn,  I mean whatever.   I never would have nothin’ to do with him ‘cos he drinks,  and was on the “D”,  AND..we didn’t have too much in common.  I’m a computer nerd.  I like nerdy,  he likes Lynyrd Skynyrd.

While I am wrestling with ‘subjective’ and ‘objective’,  Shane’s already made himself a couple dollars.  He has this intensity,  that scares people at first.

While I am figuring out how to make a coin drop from YouTube advertisements,  he’s already mowed the lawn,  took out the trash, and doing generally whatever other people do not want to do.  Which is WORK.

These people around here are all pretty much characters.  You just have to get used to them.

He’s all right.  This quote, I think, from the Upanishads:  “Each one is needed by the other.”


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