Hammer hammer HAMMER the poor.  That is what it’s all about in the USA.  Hammer the working people, and take away money from the poor, old, and sick.

The real “Thugs” are the wealthiest people.    The rest of us are slaves like in a slave galley.  National Anthem?  This should be this guy beating on a great drum,  and we are the oarsmen.

For everyone I meet, it is just one damn thing after the other.

Everybody in this world is hustling, and it is never so apparent as around here.  At the Aldi I pick up Shane, who needs a ride.  At first I was always leery of him,  he’s got that “prison” mentality.  After these years now,  I sort of like him.  See where he is comin’ from.   It’s called SURVIVAL.    I take him to another store before I drop him off,  and a couple local hustlers try to punk him for money.   This happens all the time in Northeast.  “Gimme $3”, or some variation of it.  Either begging,  trying to intimidate, or whatever.   I’ve had people follow me into the grocery store.   You grow calloused toward other people.

It is not only the street people.  People out in the suburbs aren’t very nice.  As far as saying people are nice in the USA,  well- I wouldn’t go that far.   They just act nice- when it suits them.  Here and there,  there is that golden deed.

People are so slap happy they don’t know what to do.


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