Write about what you “know”

Write about what you “know”.  Ok.  I finally found that damn dead mouse that was stinking up the place.  I stopped at that Mexican ice cream place on Hardesty- eh, it’s overpriced.   I talk to this one girl today,  who I will not even give a nickname,   her own father turned her out,  and had her prostituting down in the bottoms.

I had to look up Dramatica’s “Subjective and Objective”.  Why don’t they just say “opinion and fact’?  Or  ‘perception and reality’ ? Their damn jargon drives me nuts and I can’t write a single sentence without running for the dictionary.

Hmm.  In this post there is no “contagonist” no “sidekick” and no “story mind”.   There seems no “reason” character in the world.  Unlike Charlie Chan,  nobody wants to solve the crime.   They are fighting such a battle themselves, they can’t stop to look up.

There is NO “Mr. Spock” reason character in the WHOLE world.  Everything and everyone is driven by their emotions.  Some are just more.. deluded than others.

Now my car,  it is objective.  No electricity?  No start.  Plastic shit breaks?  You got to fix it.   Belt breaks?  The alternator won’t turn.  People?  Everyone is driven by emotions, and usually,  they feel like crap.  They “deal” with each other.

I talk to Dave,  this one crazy dude that had one of those weenie ’emergency’ tires on the left rear of his car for months.. until he sold the car!  I used to drive myself nuts picturing him flippin’ that car over.   Said he couldn’t afford to fix it.

I “know'” about the diabetics who died in this building.   They kept on smoking and smoking,  then suddenly.. POW..they keeled over.  Poor Sue I can’t get over that.. she was a decent and good woman.  Her kids were very good kids.  Now,  they are in a home.

There must be another dead mouse somewhere..drat.


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