El Paso del Norte Burritos- Jummy!

For $3 you can get one large,  GOOD burrito at El Paso del Norte across the street from AutoZone.  Fleur de Chiapas is across the street, and it’s a good restaurant too!

This morning they had Chiles Rellenos, so I got a burrito with a large Chiles Relleno,  green pork, and refried beans it was huge!  They have about 5-6 types of salsa, and usually,  grilled jalapenos to go with it.   The burrito is massive, and I usually cannot eat it at one sitting.

I have written this place up before on this blog,  but this morning it was a exceptional bargain, and a tasty one.  The Chiles Rellenos are a treat.   They require a little time to make.    I am glad the ladies took the time to make them this morning.


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