The Plasti Dip Craze

plasti dip on hack (Mobile) I decided to look up more stuff about Plasti Dip.  It seems like a crazy idea, but it is catching on fast.  You can airbrush it.  This picture is Plasti Dip,  airbrushed onto Plasti Dip.

I do not think this is just a passing fad.  There are a lot of advantages to it, even if you don’t paint the whole car,  such as airbrushed work like this.  Signs,  stencils,  accents.  It is easy and cheap.   It’s easy to remove.  Works good on wheels.

Want more info?  Look it up on YouTube.  It is in it’s infancy, but is a brilliant alternative to Automotive Paint,  if put on properly.

Automotive paint is expensive,  toxic, and requires special equipment.  The body must be prepared painstakingly.  Sanded, smoothed, bondo applied, sanded some more, then a coat of primer.

Plasti Dip only needs a thoroughly clean surface.  Can be sprayed outdoors, with some of the cheapest home sprayers.  If you don’t like it,  it can just be peeled off.   Now, I have learned you can airbrush it with common airbrush equipment.  It can be painted onto another coat of plasti dip,  like in this picture.  Amazing.  It is also much cheaper than paint.


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