Plasti Dip Your Car

Don’t put a cheap paint job on that car.  Plasti Dip it!  It’s even cheaper.  I came across this while wandering on YouTube.   These gear heads figured out a way to use Plasti Dip for a cheap paint job.

This link brings up a bunch of videos of Plasti Dippers.

Plasti Dip is stuff they came out originally to dip your tools in, so you would have a plastic handle.  These guys are in full swing.. figuring out how to put Pearl, Metalflake in it and everything else.

WHy do it?   1. it’s cheap.   2. just a clean surface- no sanding, no bondo.   3. Don’t like it?  Peels right off.

There are several Manufacturers getting behind it.  Armorall,  Eastwood, and others.

Here is a FAQ about using the stuff.   How long it lasts, etc.

They’re Plasti Dipping boats, and everything (but not the hulls I don’t think.)  It can be applied with a cheap Wagner Sprayer.  As a matter of fact,  they say the Wagner is one 0f the best.  It can applied outdoors.   It’s cheap to do.

As usual, a debate rages over whether to do it or not.   It just depends upon your situation,  I would guess.  Might be good for a Farm truck, or older car.  The key is CHEAPER.   As Plasti Dipping your car gets more sophisticated,  it gets more expensive.

As usual,  I listen to my favorite 10 H0urs Relaxation Music. 



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