Another Great Meditation Link

10 Hours Sleep and Meditation Music.   Man it is great stuff.   The internet is just like the Library when I was a child.   You find one jewel,  more beautiful than the next.   It is so beautiful to work and sleep by.. to make coffee.  To study,  and right now I am studying:  OLD TIME RADIO and podcasts.

I like working with my YouRock Guitar,  which is a synthesizer controller,  that is controlled with Guitar controls.   I am studying radio, writing,  and graphics as I work with the Gimp.  I study another program,  called Anime Pro,  by Smith Micro.

The problem is:  How to make a coin drop, so you can participate in the economy?

It is like you are in a room piled high with treasure,  piled to the ceiling, in great mounds.  You pick up one item,  but then notice another one,  that is just as beautiful,  or even more beautiful.

In our brief life,  it is as if we see through a pinhole,  for a split second,  and see only the tiniest fraction of what IS.

To go to a place,  higher than yourself.

You see the exciting things that God has created,  and if I am in God’s image,  I must be a creator too.

When I listen to this music,  my mind full of worry and fear,  goes into wonderful places.   I just round these.. called Gyotaku they are Japanese prints.



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