Marc and Angel Hack Life

Marc and Angel Hack Life.   I love their blog.  It’s a bunch of tips and advice and I really enjoy it.  The sayings and advice are concise and profound.   It helps me feel better in this world that is always rocking with turmoil.

Marc and Angel write a email newsletter,  and published a ebook.   Their website archives have lots of wonderful advice,  I like it a lot.

I like the spiritualists.  Once again,  here is that soft relaxing music link.  9 Hours Relaxing Music.  This compilation is BY FAR the best one that I know of,  it is 9 hours of absolutely beautiful relaxing music.

I want to write a book,  a story and description.   I think I am not that creative.   My mind is not like Stephen King’s,  Hunter S.  Thompson’s,  or Raymond Chandler’s.    All I can think of are sort of dull detective stories.  Stephen King can sit down and write a great story,  about monsters in the Air conditioner.

Maybe,  write a story,  about GOOD and WONDERFUL things.  But man, that wouldn’t sell,  I don’t think.   A story,  that is like this music on the link above.  It is GREAT stuff.. the best stuff I know of.



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