The REAL world is Doctors, Food, Sanitation

Man that is the REAL world.  It is HEALTH.. transportation,  food, cleanliness,  real life is just the basic stuff.  People have big problems around here,  BIG health problems.  Many people cannot BE sick.  They just can’t afford to attend to their health problems.   They are like hamsters on a wheel.

The way the USA is.. spread out,  where people are dependent upon the automobile is no big help either.   Cars are a pain in the ass,  expensive to own and operate.  But it is ASSUMED that you have one,  people ASSUME you have one,  and have access  to one.

My poor sister had her pancreas scanned.   A damn tube down her throat.  Chrissy’s Lupus is acting up, and great patches of her hair are falling out.

I need a Mini Van with cherries and a siren on it.   Families are spread out,  and even living in the same area, it is like you are miles and miles apart.

You either got the money- or you don’t.   That is way the USA is.  But- it seems like,  that is the way it has always been.  At least a lot of the poor have SOME money.   The situation is lopsided and stark the world over, and I have no clue what the solution might be.


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