The Closing of local Food Stores

I will say it again.  The closing of the old Apple Market,  and then Abarrotes Mi Familia sure left a hole in this community.   Apple Market was a hub of activity where people would get reasonably priced Milk,  bread, and other things.   The Abarrotes had a great variety of mostly Mexican foods.  They tried to make it a “dual” store,  with American favorites.   I liked it just the way it was.

It leaves a hole in the community, and a uneasy feeling.  Price Chopper is too far to walk,  and Abarrotes had great deals on Mexicano foods like Cilantro, Lime, tortillas,  jalapeno and other Latino groceries.   I really liked their meat counter.   It took me a while to figure out certain Mexican cuts of meat,  but it was really good after I got the hang of it.  Then, they went through the roof along with other meats.


2 thoughts on “The Closing of local Food Stores

  1. I wish instead of ice cream trucks running through neighborhoods, we had grocery trucks, with a lot of basic nessecities available and a few selections of produce and meats.


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