The Power of Critical thinking- none

“We are trained to believe that intelligence is best expressed by finding fault.”  I read this from one of my psyche coaching websites,  and what a powerful sentence it is.  Something that hits home, in a few words.

The joy of .. FUCKIN’ with each other!  Every body does it,  hell I do it.

I love great writers,  videographers,  musicians and artists.  I was thinking today,  trying to think of a really BAD song.   Even the dumb ones are fun to sing along with,  when you are by yourself.  “She’s actin’ single..and I’m drinkin’ double.”

Even a kid singing a 1st grade or kindergarten song!  What a song.. what a SONG!  It’s my nephew Austin singing..”here we go loopdy loo,  here we go loopdy li.”


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