Rising Food prices

Food prices are really rising.  KC went to the store today,  and bought no meat,  saying she couldn’t afford it. Produce, milk, and other essentials are also rising.   Apple Market/Mi Mercado went out of business,  so did Abarrotes Mi Familia,  and that left a critical hole in this neighborhood.   Hamburger is $4.00lb, and other meats are following suit.  I am avoiding meat, as much as I can.  Fast food prices are the same- for now.  I assume they have their own,  locked in supply of meat and potatoes.

This ‘hood is full of the old, poor and ill.  Others in American society love to blame them,  it is scary the way people are.  It reminds me of what people will do,  such as “Action T4” in Germany.   Perhaps a Republican government will consider them. “non useful.”

I like big government.  Why?  Because people are often,  not very nice.  They’re selfish and egotistical.   Especially when they think no one is looking, or it can’t be traced back to them.  The poor people are not nice to each other.   Often,  they are the meanest ones of them all!

I guess this is why I like horror, or Film Noir.  It keeps me on my toes, when I see how people can be.  There seems not a penny to spare in this ‘hood,  and when people get booted from their apartments,  run into trouble, well they have no friends.



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