The Car people finally get a house!

The people living in that Ford Explorer finally get a house!  I am so thrilled for them.  FINALLY…  I thought they were gonna be out there for EVER.  YAY!  Dunno what the deal was.  Poor and black,  they had kids and everything.  Sweltering in this goddam heat that one lady was getting around on one of those Robins..those electric chairs, ‘cos her knees are all jacked up.

Probably this program or that, and I am GLAD that they have such programs.  GLAD that these people got a house to live in!   I don’t give a FUCK what the federal deficit is.. I don’t care if all the Republicans lose their horsies!

Not that there aren’t poor white people.   There are also poor Mexicans,  poor Indians,  poor Asians,  and just about EVERY thing poor in this neighborhood.

“Journal of the Imaginative Depressed”..that is what I ought to call my blog.

There are some delights,  I suppose.  I just had some great Pollo al Carbon from the Mexicanos cooking it up in the parking lot stand they have set up.  YUMMY!  And it is real “al carbon” which means cooked over a wood or charcoal fire.  I put some of my own salsa on it,  slathered it up and it was tasty.  They want $8 for 1/2 of a chicken,  but I bargain a little with them.

When it comes too cooking,  the Mexicanos don’t mess around.   How I love it.


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