HBO Series “True Detective”

I am watching “True Detective” the HBO series with Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mconaughey.   It’s pretty good.. but not as good as the soap opera around here.  People are brave, that is what I think.  They ALL are.

They fight it out.. trying to get just the basic things, and not getting busted or sick, or injured.  They fight it out all the time,  money problems,  crime,  transportation problems.   There are conflicts,  emotional conflicts sometimes.   Fights.

My sister undergoing more medical “procedures” next week.  Like torture!  I am scared of doctors, scared of them!

I want to be a writer..write stories.  BUT.. I cannot make up anything that compares to real life.   I mean the hassles people go through.  Vexing problems.  Financial losses.  Most of all, misunderstanding.

“True Detective” is good,  not as good as “The Wire” or “Deadwood” or “Carnivale”.    It is like comparing apples to oranges, really.   I like old time radio plays,  detective movies such as “Charlie Chan.”

It’s a combination.  Dialog.  Timing, acting, and videography or sound.  My whole life I have loved books, and always read anything I could get my hands on.   I’ve always preferred it to just about anything.


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