Old Time Radio

I love the old time radio archives, and listen to them all the time!   You can find them on The Internet Radio Archive.

Great stuff,  just another alternative, in the “everything alternative” world of the Internet.  I’d like to write my own plays,  about life in the ghetto.   A bunch o’ crazies,  living like crabs in a barrel, and getting the shit hammered out of them.

Stories and descriptions.. make the world go ’round.

I had to take my brother home to Independence.  It was like going to Beverly Hills.   No bums outside, no fight.   No uneasy tension.

I can’t believe these do not have a wider audience.   What GEMS they are.  This one creep that runs Radio Spirits is trying to claim ownership of some of the old time radio shows.  All he does is repackage them and sell them on CD’s.   He is suing people, and threatening to sue.  What a CREEP.    NO I won’t provide a link to his fuckin’ website.

He reminds me of the creep Terry Knight, who ripped off Grand Funk Railroad so badly they couldn’t even play their OWN songs!


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