Today’s News- The Poor get WHOPPED some more

I do not know why the Politicians just don’t come up with another “Action T4.”  I live in a seedy dump,  like a Hamster cage.   Actually, when I write, I am running on my hamster wheel.

The border?  NONE of the Mexicanos are eager to come up here,  except the dope dealers, and a few people that got run out by the ladrones down there.

They came from crime down in Mexico, to experience it some more up in the USA!

The USA is about as interesting as a discarded coke cup.

What I can’t get over is the way the poor,  just HATE the poor!  They’ll rat one another all the time.  They offer themselves up to the rich, sacrifice themselves,  as if the rich are going to give them some kind of reward.  Shane lost all his disability money that took so long to come.  He thought he had it made when he had whatever it was,  $20,000.   He found out different.   He got injured many years ago in a fall from a roof.   His leg is incredibly broken,  it kinks in two places from the compound fracture.  His leg is in kind of a “S” curve.     Now he is broke,  and people are yukkin it up at him.   I guess people think if they curse one another,  it will lessen their own affliction.  Not only do people ignore the pain that others experience- they make light of it.

Even old Fred.  Man how he got NAILED he was in the hospital for 3 weeks,  nearly died.  His illnesses getting worse.   It is scary,  watching these people’s lives explode before their very eyes.   Linda Romero is walking around,  walking and walking, I guess until she is gonna keel over.  When I think of them,  I get my relief by praying for them.

It’s like getting squeezed in a garlic press.  Let us squeeze and squeeze, until the last  drop of blood drips out.  Then,  the husk goes into the trash.



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